LCA-EPD Diploma

I am happy to be part of the first group of LCA-EPD Diploma trainees. Thank you EPD Egypt

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TWO MORE DAYS on the road to our LCA-EPD diploma

On September 13th and 15th, our participants have completed another major milestone for their LCA Studies: the life cycle inventory and Life cycle impact assessment.

The sessions were charged with extensive information on the identification of the life cycle inventory and conducting impact assessment. The sessions were more built around dedicated workshops for six groups of participants conducting calculation on six live products through individual analysis and mentorship of Dr. Nydia Suppen

The last day has concluded with her introduction on the carbon and water footprints concept, which shall be the topics of our upcoming day-8-session.

Finally, yet most importantly, we would like to express that it is always such a great please to have you Dr. Hend FarouhKarim Farah, Dr. Reham Rabea, Sohaila Ehab, Dr. Khaled Yousri, Mohamed Farouk, Dalia Ibrahim, Ahmed Hassan, Lydia Elewa, Shaimaa Tarek Khamis, Shaima Taha, Dr. Youssef O. Elkhayat, Dr. Reham Lotfy, Dr. Mohamed Amin, Mohamed Atef, Eslam Kohil, Ahmed Rafaat, Fatma Abdelrehim, Mohamed ElBanna, Hiba Ahmed, Noha Abbas, Mohammad Hamdy Darrag, Ayman M. Naguib, Mohamed AbdelTawab, Moataz Osama, Abdelrahman Tohamy.