Projects Description

July 2020 to date

Knauf Egypt aspire to become a leader in sustainability within the construction materials market. To achieve this goal REEDS is assisting Knauf Egypt in achieving a significant improvement on four areas:

  • Products: to make Knauf products greener
  • Facilities: to make Knauf facilities greener and reduce their negative impact on the Environment.
  • Employees: to raise the awareness of Knauf employees about the environment and provide them with adequate training.
  • Society: Knauf to have a positive impact on the society especially in the field of Sustainability and Environment.

REEDS main focus is on assisting Knauf achieve Green Material Certification:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION (EPD) for 3 types of gypsum board (regular, moisture and fire) with two thicknesses each.
  • Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials documenting the percentage of Recycled Content in their products manufactured in Egypt based on the sum of postconsumer recycled content plus one-half the preconsumer recycled content. Documenting Regional Material for their products sourced (extracted, manufactured and purchased) within 160 km of the project site.
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD) the end use product has a published and complete Fully Declared HPD to 1000 ppm Declarations with full disclosure of known hazards.
  • Low-Emitting Materials Testing methods used: CDPH Standard Method V1.1-2010, applicable exposure scenario for Knauf products:
    • Interior paints and coatings applied on site
    • Interior adhesives and sealants applied on site
    • Ceilings, walls, thermal, and acoustic insulation